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Preserving our history

Our team

Classic & timeless

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‣  Blades & Tomahawks

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Our Philosophy

Iron is in our blood, our love for the craft is evident in everything we do.

Your home is your most important investment.  So make it special & fill it with lasting beauty . We work to make your dreams a reality.

Strong hands & sharp eyes are the perfect combination to realize the unforgettable. We are blacksmiths experienced & skilled; keeping the traditions of our art alive.  Passion for the craft is our hallmark.

‣  Curiosities & Art Objects

‣  Railing & Gates

‣  Brooms

‣  Door Hardware

‣  Fireplace Screens & Hardware

‣  Light Fixtures & Candle Holders

Scroll Work & Organic forms

Curves, curls, leaves & vines

Craftsmanship & Lasting Beauty

Bring your vision to life


What's your desire?

Aged mechanics, brass & copper details

Steampunk, Victorian, Edwardian.  Beauty from yesterday

Our facilities

Our shop is fully equipped to handle any project, from the smallest hooks to gates weighing several thousand pounds. From fabrication and cutting and to forging & heat treating, we make it happen.

Blue Ring Ironworks

Blacksmiths & Restoration Company


Make it your own.  Realize your vision


Born in the fire & shaped on the anvil


We support you through the entire project


Iron is forever, so maintenance is critical.  We stand behind every piece we create.

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Blue Ring Iron Works